I'm Rahima, a Media and Psychology postgraduate, working in London, living in Essex and attempting to make the most of the jungle that we call life. Originally launching this blog in October 2015, my main aim was to give myself a platform that would enable me to share my travelling stories with you all and hopefully open the eyes of those around me to locations that they perhaps wouldn't have considered visiting before.


But a couple of years has passed now and I've felt the need to broaden my blog. So now expect more post revolving around my day to day life and all the spontaneous adventures that seem to always arise. For those of you who have been following me from day one, this is me we are talking about, sit back, grab a cuppa or a LARGE alcoholic beverage of your choice, a couple of custard creams and be prepared for more unfiltered stories that will either leave you in a stitches or in a permanent state of shock :) For those of you who are new here...welcome! 


R. x