Review: Fontainebleau, Miami Beach

After a few girls on tour type of holidays around Europe, it gets to the point where you would like to somewhat upgrade the type of travels you go on. Perhaps getting old and getting paid better salaries also has something to do with it. But I was ready to leave the self catered Napa life for something slightly more glamorous. After weeks of deliberation, me and the girls finally decided that we wanted to go stateside and there would be no better place to get started than in Miami.

After browsing numerous hotels, there was definitely one that stood out and that hotel was the Fontainebleau. Staying in the resort for the very first time in June 2014, I fell in love instantly, to the point that I returned again this year. Between the two visits I kept telling anyone who would listen that it would be a dream come true to wake up in the Fontainebleau on my birthday! Honestly no presents or birthday cards needed, just waking up in that bed would be enough. Only God knows what sort of heavenly material that mattress is made of, but seriously I've had some bloody amazing sleeps in that hotel. You know when you're in such a deep sleep you wake up completely unaware of your surroundings. Anyway, luckily for me, I have the world's most amazing friends who made my birthday dream a reality and we turning up in the Fontainebleau for my 24th.

If I had to summarise what makes this hotel so special, I would be here for hours so I'll try to keep it brief. The Fontainebleau has an atmosphere that you won't find anywhere else and there never seems to be a dull moment. There is always something going on, from an international business conference to an epic celeb filled party pool side. The lobby is always full of people, which makes for the perfect networking opportunity because it's a place where holidaygoers, families and people on business tend to flock.

Fontainebleau is also known for being quite a celebrity hotspot. I was aware of this, but didn't think much of it and my friends were innocently coming back to our room after drinking our bodyweights worth in Miami Vice cocktails at the poolside bar. Busy gossiping away as you do we walk straight into the hotel lifts and then suddenly realise we're surrounded by some huge security guards and Floyd Mayweather!!! Surely this was a joke right? No this was real life! Trying to remain calm and collected, we continued with our conversation as if we hadn't noticed he was there. Funny enough he ended up speaking to us as soon as he realised we were English. Dressed in a navy Versace dressing gown, clutching a clear bag filled with thousands of dollars he started laughing at our accents and made us promise him that we would 'turn up' on our 'vacation'. As we exited our lift we said our goodbyes and literally ran down the corridor like little schoolgirls.

If you want to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine that Miami has to offer, simply take a few steps outside and you'll be spoilt for choice. The resort offers 10 sparkling pools, day beds that can accommodate between 2 - 6 people and you can also rent a private cabana which comes with your own Butler service, HD-TV, wi-fi, Fridge and a Fan to keep you cool when it gets a bit too hot to handle. If that doesn't take your fancy, you'll find a path that leads you straight to the beach. Just imagine white sands, clear blue sea and that perfectly cool breeze. What more could you possibly ask for?

In terms of nightlife, in my opinion the best nightclub in Miami is actually situated in the resort itself. LIV never lets me down, the DJ's always play the best tracks and that feeling of knowing you can leave LIV on Sundays and only have to walk across the lobby and into a lift back to your room is a sweet feeling. Especially after a long night of dancing in your favourite but most uncomfortable heels.

I've had so many fantastic memories in the Fontainebleau and none of it would have been possible without the fantastic staff. It took me ages to decide where I wanted to host my birthday dinner this year, once I finally settled on Hakkasan, the restaurant was fully booked. The hotel staff didn't take no for an answer and arranged a booking within minutes! Let's not forget that our room was also upgraded on arrival since we were returning guests.

To be entirely honest with you all, I can't actually imagine going to Miami and staying anywhere else. I'm a Fontainebleau MIA girl for life.

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