Review: Purobeach, Marbella

If you're on the hunt for a bit of peace and quiet away from the buzzing Puerto Banus way of life, Purobeach is the place to be. The night prior to our visit was rather eventful, if I do say so myself we truly embraced the Marbella nightlife in style. Purobeach was always a spot that we insisted in visiting during our stay, but the timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. Lets just say the entire team were in desperate need of a bit of relaxation, as soon as we arrived at our destination I knew my prayers had been answered. I was in heaven!

Stepping over this miniature wooden bridge and entering the beach club, all I could hear was the sound of the waves hitting the shore and a bit of soft background music that I could fall asleep to. In fact, that is exactly what I did. Once the staff had shown us to our reserved beds situated right by the pool and had adjusted our umbrellas so we could get the right amount of shade but the right amount of sun, I literally passed out! It’s such a peaceful and serene environment, that you have no choice but to unwind.

We were spoilt to complimentary bottles of mineral water to keep us hydrated, fresh fruit, and some sun protection products just to avoid the unfortunate event of getting sun burn. After getting a bit of shuteye, we took a short along the beach and had a quick dip in the pool that is the perfect size for the amount of visitors that Purobeach can accommodate. In terms of dining throughout the day, the beach club has an indoor restaurant and a terrace where you can enjoy a freshly prepared meal and indulge in the most divine cocktails that the bar has to offer.

Perhaps Marbella isn’t on your list for your next holiday, but you can still get the chance to live the Puro experience as the Beach Club is also open in Palma, Dubai, Vilamoura and Barcelona.

Would you recommend this Puro Beach to a friend?

I'm actually hoping to return to Marbella next year and if it does goes to plan I will be returning to Purobeach. I absolutely adore the beach club, so yes I would recommend it to a friend.

How woud you score Purobeach out of 10?

9/10 As I said, I was convinced I was in heaven!


January until March 11am – 5pm

April until May 11am – 7pm

June until September 11am – 10pm

September 11am – 7pm

October 11am – 7pm

November until December 11am – 5pm

For reservations and booking please click on the link below

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