I travelled 3945 miles for a weekend away

I've recently realised that I have a new found love for long weekends away, but on this particular occassion I took the whole 'city break' idea to a whole new level. After visiting Chicago earlier on in the year, I couldn't help but return for a LONG WEEKEND! Yes I flew out on Friday and flew back on Monday. Yes I'm crazy! Yes I sat on a flight for 8hrs 35mins to get there! Was it worth it??? Hell yes!

For me Chicago is a place where I get to spend time with loved ones and just chill out. I get to still enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life, but also get to unwind and put my feet up. What more can a girl possibly ask for?

So the night before my trip was the office work party, I convinced myself that I would only stay for one drink. Before even arriving at the destination, glasses of prosecco were consumed before departing the office. I should have known that this one drink idea wasn't going to go ahead as planned. 5 hours later, stumbling home from one of the best work parties I've ever been to can I add, I got in, passed out for an hour and then started making my way to Heathrow absolutely exhausted. Yes I was dead! Yes I was probably still drunk! Was it worth it??? Hell Yes!

After trying to entertain myself on a plane for 8 hours and 35 minutes I was finally back in CHI-town! I spent the entire weekend eating! For those who have eaten at The Cheesecake Factory you will understand, for those who don't please do go and familiarise yourself when you do get the opportunity. This restaurant has the BIGGEST menu I have ever come across. I'm one of those people who struggles when I have too many options. This menu sends me into a frenzy, literally working up a sweat as I turn each page, tearing my hair out trying to decide what to eat. Most people tend to be under the impression that The Cheescake Factory only has great cheesecake, but their actual meals are to die for!

Being a lady who loves to travel in the summer it was actually quite refreshing to experience winter life in the states. Strolling through Millennium Park (trying to burn all those calories from that cheesecake), watching locals and tourists skate away on the ice rink wrapped up in layer after layer and admiring the beautiful Christmas market, Christkindlmarket at the Daley Plaza which serves unlimited amounts of mulled wine in the cutest german mugs. If I wasn't in the Christmas spirit before this journey, I am definitely feeling the Christmas spirit now.

Despite staying in Chicago for such a short time, I honestly had such a great experience. As crazy as it sounds, I would definitely do more long weekends around the world, clearly long journeys don't seem to phase me anymore. As my dad said "You're still young, you can do crazy things like this and no one will even judge you".

#chicago #christkindlmarket

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