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After a rather eventful New Year's eve in Shoreditch last year, me and the girls decided that a London or an Essex night out just wouldn't cut it this time round. Gone are the days when I would happily dance aroud in a sweatbox and genuinely enjoy it. I'd rather be in an environment where people consume their alcoholic beverages rather than throw them. At what point in life does walking around in drenched clothes, smelling like a strangers drink become somewhat acceptable or attractive.

Looking back it now, booking our flights to Amsterdam for NYE was the one of the best decisions of 2015. We all had such an amazing year and it would only be right that we celebrated in style. Visiting Amsterdam in 2014 for a few nights, I already knew that I wanted to stay in the same hotel again. The Doubletree by Hilton which is such an immacalately presented hotel situated right by Amsterdam Centraal train station is honestly the best place to be. The location is ideal, you get free wi-fi and your on mac in your room!

To break it down we have three fabulous young women (who were later accompanied by an even more fabulous gay best friend) , each crazy in their own way, in the middle of Amsterdam, for 3 nights, staying in the most gorgeous suite, all wanting to make the most of the NYE celebrations. We were at an ultimate high (NO PUN INTENDED)! As soon as we touched down on Amsterdam soil, the escalation began immediately. Ciroc bottles, red cups and red shot glasses were purchased before we had even left the airport. After admiring how cute our suite was we knew it was time to hit the town.

One thing I love about Amsterdam is the fact that everyone is so friendly, you can literally walk down the street and make friends with the locals who are always more than happy to recommend places to go. On the first night we decided to have a mini bar crawl before shuffling our way through the ultimate house session in Escape nightclub. Since I've started travelling more I've realised something, no matter how far you are from home. You will always somehow gravitate to people who live near you. This holiday was no exception....shout out to the Clacton-on-Sea group who literally danced the night away with us !

The following morning, I was not in a good place. To be honest I think we had all seen better days! Once we had finally got the strength to leave our suite, it was time to do what we do best....EXPLORE! Strutting down the cobbled streets of Amsterdam wrapped up warm in our fur garments, we literally skipped in and out of various coffee shops getting the real Amsterdam experience as you do. Later on that evening we'd managed to convince a promoter of one of our favourite bars to quickly finish his shift and become our tour guide for the night. As I always say, the locals are the key to showing you a good time. They know all the best places and lucky for us this guy had the right connections to get us into wherever we wanted. That's when we covered shisha cafes, the Red-Light District and the strip clubs. An unforgettable night that was! Let's just say there are certain things that I saw that I will never be able to erase from my memory! I still haven't decided whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. But I'll let you know once I've reached a verdict.

As New Years Eve approached, The DoubleTree staff were preparing for the busiest night of the year. People flock from all over the world to watch the fireworks from the ever so sleek Sky Lounge. Boasting one of the best views in Amsterdam, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else. With hours to go the hotel started to fill up with more and more people. DJ's were set up on the ground floor, playing the best house tunes to keep everyone entertained. The bartenders were literally kept on their toes the entire night serving drinks. As the ten second countdown began we were actually still on the ground floor, hundreds of people literally starting running out onto the canal to see the fireworks. It was an experience in itself. There was so many random people lining up across the edge of the canal, casually setting off their own fireworks, to the point where you would be dodging some (very dangerous I know). It was literally a never ending fireworks display, but I loved every minute.

Stood outside watching the sky light up cuddled up to my girls, my gay and the few additions that we met that night is a great memory that I won't forget. It was our first New Years Eve out of the country and I'm certainly sure that it won't be our last either. This trip was certainly a start of many....sorry London but you won't be seeing me on NYE for a while.


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