Qatar Airways: The airline that took me under their wing

As you all know I flew out to Dubai last week. Leaving it until the very last minute to book my flights, I was flabbergasted by the prices that I witnessed before me, absolutely flabbergasted! After scanning every comparison website known to man I finally came across rather reasonable flights with Qatar Airways. It wasn’t a direct flight, but a 45 minute transfer in Doha sounded like a breeze.

As mentioned in previous posts, I don’t really like trying out new airlines simply due to the fact that I hate being disappointed, especially on a long haul flight. Being uncomfortable and annoyed on a six to ten hour flight is not my idea of a good time! But I thought to myself let’s give it a go and see what happens.

Arriving at London Heathrow’s Terminal 4, I was greeted by the strong scent of Oud and started to wonder whether I had already arrived in the Middle East, there was certainly no mistaking the fact that I was definitely in the correct terminal. Ahead of my trip, I was sure to check in online and reserve my seats which was surprisingly the smoothest process ever. There always seems to be some sort of technical glitch whenever I try to do these things, so Qatar Airways had already won bonus points from me before I had even boarded the plane. The queues were minimal and within ten minutes my bags that were impressively nowhere near the 30kg limit were checked in and I was presented with my boarding passes. Since my flights were via Doha, I was given a special glossy yellow wallet which alerts the staff that I’ll be boarding a connecting flight. Rather ideal considering the transfer time is only 45 minutes, you can rest assured you’ll be directed to the right place in a prompt fashion.

As I boarded the flight I was quite amazed at how nice the aircraft was. For economy, the seats were very comfortable and there was more than enough legroom. I went through my typical process of making sure that everything I needed was easily accessible, there is nothing more frustrating than realising you left your headphones in your jacket pocket which is currently stored in the overhead storage and the person sat next to you is currently in deep slumber.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always looked forward to the safety announcement….don’t judge me! I see it as my very own confirmation that I am actually going on holiday. I literally sit there telling myself “this is not a drill, this is real life, you are about to fly to another country, you are going to have fun, you are going to escape normality for a few days, you will come back home and experience holiday blues and you will sit there and reminisce on all the amazing experiences you had”. This travel announcement on the other hand was slightly different to what I had expected. I was waiting for a really pretty air stewardess to pop out of nowhere and go through the very important but rather boring safety instructions. But this did not happen.

All the passenger screens suddenly turned on and projected what I would say is the best safety video I’ve seen. Most people would have heard of Qatar Airways as their logo is spread across the chests of the FC Barcelona football kit. But who knew the football stars would actually be starring in the actual safety video! I was highly amused….more bonus points for you Qatar Airways!

No matter what industry or profession you are in, I always believe it’s absolutely essential to hire people who can reflect your brand in the most positive way possible. The Qatar Airways cabin crew were ever so friendly and professional. No request was too small or too big. Nothing against my fellow passengers, but there were a few difficult people on that flight and the crew handled them so well, I was literally sat back in my chair sipping my Apple Juice wanting to applaud them for their patience.

So on to the real entertainment, In-flight entertainment is a big thing for me. I’m not a person who can watch three or four movies back to back, to be honest I wish I could, it would make flying so much easier. There was an amazing choice of films, TV series, games and music. I was actually spoilt for choice for once! I managed to watch a few bits and bobs and listen to Adele’s new album on repeat (without crying may I add)…more bonus points for you Qatar Airways!

Preparation is key! I usually come armed with snacks in my handbag for the flight, just to keep me going in case I don’t like the food. For the first time ever, my snacks didn’t even make it out of my hand luggage, the catering was absolutely amazing I was so impressed. For dinner I had a lamb dish, with sautéed potatoes and veg, you know it’s good when the person sat next to you finally stops his conversation about religion and pauses to commend the food.

All in all it was a very smooth flight, upon arriving in Doha I was directed to my gate for my short flight to Dubai. There was literally no stress or drama, I also assumed connecting flights would be really manic, but I can admit on this occasion I was proved wrong. We were in the air for less than an hour before arriving in sunny Dubai. I would highly recommend flying with Qatar Airways, serving flights to all six continents I am confident that I will fly with them again in the near future.

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