Beachcombers Brunch, Dubai

Food and alcohol is the way to my heart! I would be lying if I told you any different to be honest. So when I heard about this brunch culture in Dubai I was obviously all for it. Unlimited food and alcohol for 4 hours....YES PLEASE...SHOW ME THE DOTTED LINE....WHERE DO I SIGN?

Since I travelled to visit family in Dubai, we thought it would be nice to go to a child-friendly venue so we could actually get the chance to spend as much time together as possible since I was only in town for four days. Looking back I was rather naive in thinking that this affair wouldn't escalate because there was children around. I’m used to going to “family friendly” events which are so focussed around the children, that us poor adults have to create our own entertainment. But surprisingly this is NOT the case in Dubai. “See this is why I love brunch, we get unlimited wine, unlimited food and babysitters for the kids" my uncle squealed . This statement was so accurate!

After a lot of research we finally all settled on attending the Beachcombers Brunch which is situated in a gorgeous cabin on the beachfront of Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Before we even had a chance to sit down at our table we had lost the children! I repeat we LOST the children! They had managed to locate the face painter and a clown who was now getting interrogated and challenged by my 6 year old cousin who wanted him to create the most oddly shaped animals you could possibly imagine. I'm sure this was not the easy day at the office he was hoping for!

Once my cousins had come back from having their faces painted and had suddenly transformed into real-life Elsa’s, it was time to over indulge. In true buffet style, there was a huge array of beautifully presented pan-asian inspired cuisine everywhere you turned. Seafood starters, sushi, When I normally go to a buffet, me and my friends end up so stuffed we can't move, but since we've got a whole 4 hours of drinking and eating you've got to pace yourself. The kids have their very own mini buffet station, so they are able to go around and pick what they would like to eat, which is a pretty nice touch. Can I also add they have a chocolate fountain! For that one moment in the day I honestly wished I was a child again. So we all sat down and had a plate or two and then decided to take advantage of the fact that we were on the beach. Armed with a glass of bubbly in one hand and a cocktail in the other we literally kicked off our shoes and I can only compare it to a less glamorous baywatch scene. From what I remember there was a lot singing, out of this world sand castles, a camera roll full of selfies in front of the Burj Al Arab and a lot of wine!

Inside the cabin, diners were kept entertained by a very talented live band who were giving us their very best old school classics selection. As expected my adlibs were appreciated every time a Whitney or Mariah song came up. So if you are looking for a family friendly brunch which the entire family will enjoy no matter what age they are, definitely give the Beachcombers Brunch a try.

The rates are as follows:

AED 575 - Bubbly brunch inclusive of free flowing sparkling, grape beverages, selected bubbly beverages, soft drinks, juices and tea/coffee

AED 425 - Deluxe brunch inclusive of selected sparkling grape beverage, grape beverages, selected bubbly beverages, soft drinks, juices and tea/coffee

AED 325 - Selection of unlimited soft drinks

To book please click here

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