Hotel Review - Sofitel The Palm Resort & Spa

The Sofitel Resort and Spa situated on the crescent of Dubai's beautiful Palm Islands, deserves its spot in the top hotels I've visited across the world. Its five star status, is absolutely undeniable and it continues to be a popular choice for honeymoons, family getaways and business conferences.

I'm lucky enough to have family in Dubai, so I always have a place to stay. But on this trip I decided it would be nice to treat myself to a quick holiday experience and goodness did I not regret it. From the second I arrived, even the tiniest atom of stress in my life suddenly disappeared. Walking through the Polynesian themed lobby, I was taken back by how beautiful it was.

Literally speeding over to the pool, the staff talked me through all the areas where I could unwind. To my surprise they even broke down what areas were beneficial for sunbathing and which areas were slightly more cooler, along with best tanning times. In the end I opted for the area closest to the bar along with the shortest walk to the pool. What can I say, I'm on holiday I want to drink, socialise and swim.

In terms of accommodation, the resort has 361 rooms, a selection of suites, or perhaps you might want to go all out and stay in one of the beach villas or bungalows which have their very own roof terrace, jacuzzi, private pool and let us not forget a private butler #WINNING. For me personally, a hotel room can make or break my trip. It's the one place that I want to be able to come back to and feel completely relaxed, especially after a long day exploring or a night on the town (more likely) :) As soon as I stepped into my room I was overwhelmed by the attention to detail, the decor was so simple but the Polynesian inspired touches were not unnoticed. Let me not forget the deep soak tub!!

Tantalise your tastebuds at breakfast, lunch and dinner as you're spoilt for choice between fourteen exceptional restaurants and lounges. The Sofitel Resort promise to take you on a "journey of culinary excellence" and my goodness did they deliver. Being a huge seafood fan, Moana became my favourite spot. With an asian inspired menu, featuring a selection of sushi platters, grilled fish and seafood specials, I soon became a regular with the restaurant staff. You always know when you go somewhere to often, once the staff know you on a first name basis.

I would highly recommend this resort to anyone. It is particularly a great choice for families, business travel and newlyweds. For more information and reservations click here

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