Ladies that dine - 100 Wardour St Edition

Previously taking over the prestigious spot where Marquee Club and Floridita used to reign, 100 Wardour St, brings a stylish and ever so classy touch to the buzzing Soho scene. After surviving yet another Sunday brunch, it was only right to schedule a mid-week catch up. In desperate need of something that could give us a push through the week, a nice dinner with a few alcoholic beverages sounded like a dream come true.

As 5.30pm approached, the team were simultaneously logging out of their work computers, completely unaware of the how this night was about to escalate. Coming from all sides of London, we gathered at the venue and in true Surf team style, it was only a matter of minutes before the ‘Soho Six’ cocktail menu was being explored. The ‘Soho Six’ menu is a vibrant selection of 6 delicious cocktails for only £6. I repeat £6! Considering the location, that is what I call an absolute bargain! Out of the six, the “Sunshine’s Punch” won me over, created with a mixture of Brugal Rum, Campari, Grapefruit, Lime, Passion fruit and a dash of TING! …. Oh and some Absinth! (Can’t forget the Absinth now can we?) All my blues were somewhat forgotten after that first initial sip. The lounge itself is a rather relaxed environment perfect for informal meetings or even a well-deserved catch up with friends.

As the time of our table reservation neared, we descended to the basement. Never being the type to miss a great photo opportunity, we were blown away by the spiral staircase and clearly had to take advantage (I’d like to personally thank our host Sylvester for his fantastic photographic angles and patience). Quickly wrapping up the photoshoot to not cause an obstruction or a scene, we were directed to our table which was perfectly situated right by the stage. Indulging in a very delicious three course meal, I was rather spoilt for choice and settled on an Octopus starter, a mouth watering braised Duck main and a rather cheeky chocolate brownie to tease the sweet tooth. After a dramatic performance of Happy Birthday, a fair few bottles of Sauvignon Blanc and a couple of Espresso Martini’s later, I think it was fair to say that we were well and truly in our element.

Within a blink of an eye at approximately 10pm a live jazz band took to the stage. Tables were pulled away and the dancefloor was well and truly open. So now we’re by the bar, the band are playing classic after classic, we’re bopping, maintaining composure….. well until Whitney came on! It was fine up until this point. All composure was lost. Strutting on to the dancefloor there was truly no going back. We basically danced the night away, sang our hearts out and basically worked off the amazing dinner that we had just consumed.

Now I truly wish I knew who this band were, because I was blown away by their creative covers garage classics like 21 seconds and I’ll bring you flowers….oh and the saxophonist 😉

I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at 100 Wardour St and look forward to returning in the near future to test out their brunch. So, if you fancy a lovely dinner and a little dance without going to completely new venue, head over to this establishment and do both under one roof. It will not be a decision that you regret, but rather a night that you definitely won’t forget.

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