Wine O'Clock: Aviary - Rooftop Bar Edition

After a long day in the office, grabbing your jacket to protect yourself from the chilly and dark winter evenings that now lie ahead has become a normality. The type of venues you tend to go to slightly adjust due to the weather and suddenly hovering in the outdoor smoking area socialising doesn't seem as fun anymore, especially as the shivering begins to kick in much quicker than what you're normally used to.

To be entirely honest with you, I had accepted that rooftop life was over for the year. Summer was simply a distant memory. But I can happily admit that I was naive and so wrong. Arriving at The Montcalm Hotel in Finsbury Square yesterday evening and taking the lift up to the 10th floor where the Aviary - Rooftop Bar and Restaurant is situated opened my eyes to winter rooftop life and I'm all for it!

Considering you're in such an open space, it's obviously going to be cold (I'm not going to lie to you all). But once you cover yourself with one the blankets provided and take that first sip of wine, you somehow forget about the temperature. Be sure to tactically find a spot near a heater, admire the spectacular London skyline and surround yourself with great company, there is honestly nothing that you could possibly complain about. The waitresses are always on hand, extremely friendly (to the point that we wanted one to join our circle) and more than happy to give a great drink recommendation.

The Aviary atmosphere is the perfect balance of chilled but busy, full of local City workers. For those of you, who aren't interested in the "rooftop vibes", their indoor area is just as breathtaking. I would highly recommend the Aviary as a good spot for after work drinks, a cheeky catch up with friends or even perhaps date night.

For more information or bookings, please click here

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