Skylight London - Skating with the skyline

As you may have gathered from my previous post, the whole idea of winter rooftops has consumed my life. Through a bit of research I stumbled across a venue which has been immediately added to my 'Places to tick off" list. Growing up as a child, I'd like to think of myself as an enthusiastic skater. I usually attempted to skate around the house all day long in my flourescent barbie pink skates! Definitely leaving my mark on the laminate flooring, oh and the walls, but we'll not dwell on that. Today, my skating skills are still shite! But coming across this venue... I could be swayed to channel my inner skater again and make a public fool of myself.

Today marks a whole week since the opening of Skylight, an East London seasonal location hosting the very best in street food, live music, DJ’s and London’s first ever rooftop ice rink - Yes you heard correctly! Located in Tobacco Dock, Skylight rightfully returns for another season following its success in the summer. Taking an abandoned car park in Wapping and transforming it into a thriving summer hotspot, it was only right they returned with an equivalent for the Winter months. Open until 11pm Thursday to Sunday, it’s the perfect escape after work or if you’re stuck with no plans over the weekend.

Boasting three levels of entertainment, the neon-lit venue is truly an adults playground. For those of you who like to indulge in a good alcoholic beverage (like myself), you’ll be happy to know that all of the bars are fully stocked with a variety of wines, spirits, ciders and beers. You can also get yourself in the festive mood by ordering a signature wintry tipple of mulled wine. With bars located on EVERY single floor, I'd like to think that queuing times will be kept to a minimum.

Foodies, you will be spoilt for choice and food envy is 100% guaranteed. so I would highly recommend scanning all your options before settling, We all To the Cheese lovers out there…you have been warned! I repeat you have been warned! Skylight have their very own fondue station. So gather a group of up to six people to share a table and bask in cheesy goodness. If that's not your thing they also have a chocolate fondue station too.

Why don't you grab your hats, scarves and whatever other winter accessory you see fit and head over to Skylight, London's first ever rooftop ice-rink. Oh and I forgot to mention it's FREE ENTRY! You have no excuse now.

For more information click here

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