Ladies that Dine! Rosa's Thai Cafe -Soho

Located within the hustle and bustle of Soho’s very own Dean Street, Rosa’s Thai Café boasts the very best in authentic Thai cuisine. Coming a long way from its initial street stall routes on Brick Lane, Rosa’s has significantly expanded by opening a grand total of ten restaurants across the City.

Presented with a mouth-watering menu, I was stuck for choice! I even looked at the menu beforehand on my lunch break and I was still stuck by the time dinner came around! A wise man advised me that the trick is to order a variety of dishes and share them between yourselves. Looking back on it, I honestly think that’s the best way to handle Rosa’s, because if I took the typical starter and main option, I would be dealing with a severe case of food envy. Plus the tables are generally quite close together, so techinically don’t even have to look that far to see what someone else has ordered.

After a substantial time of going back and forth on dishes, we settled on ordering the following:

Papaya Salad

A spicy salad of four flavours made with raw papaya, long beans, tomatoes, dried shrimp and cashew nuts.

Chicken Pad Thai

The famous stir fried rice noodle dish with tamarind sauce, eggs and crushed peanuts.

Roasted Duck Curry

Red curry with a hint of sweetness from grapes, pineapple and cherry tomatoes.

Spicy Seafood Hotplate

A sizzling plate of squid, tiger prawns & mussels with mixed spices, chilli, black pepper and galangal

Steamed White Rice

The service was quick and within minutes, I was presented with all of these colourful and fragrant dishes before me. Tucking into that first bite made me realise why people were patiently queuing outside to get in. The wait out in the cold is totally worth it! To be fair I was rather lucky, my date for the night had arrived early, so I effortlessly walked past the queue that was quickly forming outside and was directed to my seat.

The food was honestly amazing! Each dish was oozing with a variety of flavours that complimented each other. The spicy seafood sizzling hotplate was cooked to perfection, the duck curry (ahhh I can literally still taste it!). Would I recommend Rosa’s Thai Café? YES! YES! The staff are friendly and efficient, you're not waiting around for ages wondering when your food will arrive and the atmosphere is ideal for a catch up with friends. If you're looking for a bit of authenticity, a buzz and a spot that will tantalise your tastebuds, give Rosa's Thai Cafe a try. You will not be disappointed!


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