Members Only: The Groucho Club

Work, socialise and network under one roof!

The Groucho Club, is a private members club which took the streets of Soho by storm when it first opened its doors in 1985. Allowing members and their guests to work, socialise and network all under one roof, it became an exclusive space that became a quick favourite with creatives and art lovers working in the heart of the West End. Spread across multiple floors, The Groucho Club has a number of bars, two restaurants, private event spaces and twenty-two fully appointed bedrooms if you were tempted to stay overnight.

All members and their guests are kindly asked to respect a few rules which can be found in ‘The Groucho Club Book of Rules’, but the main one that needs to be adhered to is any photography or audio-visual recording is strictly forbidden and can actually lead to membership termination. So if you’re a snapchat and Instagram enthusiast its best to save the snapping until after you have left the premises.

Visiting The Groucho Club for the first time, I immediately fell in love with the ambience of the club. Each area had its very own theme, enabling visitors to gain a different Groucho experience across each floor. For a Tuesday evening, the vibrant décor, dim lighting and plush velvet sofas that I sunk into in the midst of Soho bar made it the perfect spot to unwind after a hard day at work. Presented with the a cocktail menu by a lovely waitress, I was immediately drawn to the Dolce Rita cocktail, a perfectly stirred combination of Absolut citron vodka, Campari, Pink Grapefruit juice, Passion Fruit, Grenadine and Lime juice. I'm usually a person who likes to explore cocktail menu's and try at least two different cocktails at the very minimum. But I must say I was so please with my Dolce Rita, I couldn't bare not order a second or a third in fact!

The staff were exceptional and were happy to answer any questions I had and show me around. I'm already impatiently waiting to return to the club and maybe explore the cocktail menu slightly more than I did on the first time round.

For membership enquiries, please click here


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