Review: Joseph Morpurgo- Hammerhead

On Tuesday evening, I was lucky enough to be invited to see comedian Joseph Morpurgo take to the stage at the ever so quirky Soho Theatre. Since making his debut in Edinburgh, Morpurgo has grown from strength to strength and is now recognised for his award winning solo shows.

Unaware of Joseph Morpurgo before receiving this invite, I purposely made it a thing to not watch any of his material on Youtube before attending the show. I thought it would be good to arrive with no expectations and see how it would pan out.

Witty, smart and absolutely outrageous is the best way to possibly describe Morpurgo’s performance. Set in a Q&A format surrounding his awkwardly impressive 9-hour remake of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein (luckily for us we didn't have to sit through the entire 9 hours, but the snippets that we did see had me in stitches). His improvisation skills are out of this world and the planning that has gone into this satire is clearly evident. Every single question raised in the session whether it was from the audience, enabling them to put their very own comedic spin and acting skills to the test, or a pre-recorded skype session, tweet or even an AOL chat projected onto the theatre screen (yes Morpurgo took it back to AOL) was delivered exceptionally!

Due to ridiculous demand, extra dates have been added so head down to the Soho Theatre to catch Joseph in the act! Tickets start at £16 and are available to purchase here.

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