Proud Cabaret presents... Lady Marmalade

A couple of weeks ago my partner mentioned that he had come across a Burlesque show at Proud Embankment. Daring outfits, sequins, glitter, music, glamour, and a bunch of seductive women strutting their stuff across a stage. Totally my cup of tea to be honest, so to his amazement I didn't need convincing. Let's just say within minutes tickets for Lady Marmalade were booked and date night was well and truly in the diary.

Fast forward to the night itself... we were late! So late! We had actually managed to miss most of the show, it was totally my fault getting the times mixed up. But somehow our lateness had kind of paid off on this occasion. The staff were very accommodating and let us have the entire VIP section to ourselves. I was ready for them to throw us out the second the show was over, but to our disbelief they put up velvet ropes and let us stay!

Still living up to their side of the deal we were given a Peach Bellini once we were seated and in true Rahima style the night escalated. Escalated to the point I was convinced we were going to be asked to leave! But being the life and soul of the party it didn't happen. A few bottles later I was convinced I was part of the cast, singing Lady Marmalade word for word, strutting up and down this area killing each section of the song. I was well and truly in my element, to be fair I think my boyfriend was loving it more than I was.

Despite being late, what we did see was pretty cool! The performers were amazing! Lead singer "Chastity Belt" (I know what a stage name) was undeniably talented! The way she owned the stage with her pitch perfect vocals blew me away. Now the dancers, don’t get me started on the dancers *wolf whistles*…absolutely dripping in sass I tell you! I fell in love multiple times! The confidence was inspiring! The choreography was so sleek! My eyes were locked, trying to not blink in case I missed something whilst taking mental notes.

If you need a bit of glitz and glamour, head over to Proud Embankment and get the chance to see Chastity Belt and her ladies do their thing. ‘Lady Marmalade’ will be running every Friday night at Proud Embankment up until the end of June, so don’t hesitate to make your way down there when you have the chance. Tickets are available on the Proud Cabaret Embankment website.

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