Ladies that Dine - Hotel New York Edition

Hotel New York is easily one of the most iconic spots in Rotterdam. Previously home to the head office of the Holland-Amerika Line, this exact spot years ago saw thousands flocking ready to embark on a journey to North America. The hotel today has managed to preserve its nautical history, which is clearly evident in the décor throughout the building. Whether you’re staying at the hotel or simply popping in for the amazing food, you’ll embrace the Dutch culture from the second you step through the doors.

Reserving a table beforehand is highly recommended if you are planning on dining. On this occasion we didn’t have a reservation, but the staff were more than happy to accommodate and sit us in what I thought was the nicest section of the restaurant. Scanning the menu, it would only be right to sample the Seafood, we were in Rotterdam after all, a city surrounded by water.

Not touching an oyster since a crazy holiday in Miami a few years ago, this was totally going to be a great opportunity to remind myself of how good they are! The ‘Creuses taster’ instantly grabbed our attention and the staff didn't hesitate to share their oyster knowledge of oysters. The taster dish consisted of Fines de claires (shallow basins or former saltpans containing water that is very rich in plankton and not too salty, overall quite a delicate flavour), Zeeland Creuses (a popular Dutch oyster) and Papillons (a rather small French oyster with a rather refined and briny taste). Each bursting with flavour, it was hard to pick a favourite across the three. For mains my partner settled on a Surf and Turf and I had the Salmon and Shrimp pasta dish which did not disappoint.

Undeniably a popular weekend lunch spot amongst the locals and the tourists, I would highly recommend Hotel New York if you’re ever in Rotterdam. We literally wanted to go back the following day, but opted not to. This was simplybecause we were only there for a weekend and its nice to see what else the city has to offer.

For reservations and more info click here

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