Wine O'clock - Vertigo 42

It seems that 42 is truly the magical number in this venues case. Located on the 42nd Floor of Old Broad Street’s Tower 42, lies Vertigo 42. A classic champagne bar offering panoramic views of London from an ear popping 600ft above ground. Vertigo 42 makes for the perfect spot for a quick drink after work as your limited to 1 – 2 hour slots. Be sure to make a reservation before arrival as entry is only guaranteed for Tower 42 residents, staff and those who have booked in advance. In comparison to other skyline bars in the area it’s a bit on the small side and pretty cosy. So if you are searching for somewhere that you can easily hold a conversation over a glass of bubbles and not have to worry about being drowned out by music, Vertigo 42 would be the ideal location.


#london #wine #vertigo42

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