The Summer of 2018: Part 1 - Mykonos

And so she returns... Let's just say it's been one hell of a summer! I vowed to myself that with my new found freedom, away from the joys of Red Bull side effects, word counts and exam meltdowns, I would make it my mission to go all out this year! Have fun, let my hair down, just basically make the most of life and that’s exactly what I did. As I sit here in my cosy oversized jumper, sipping on a mighty fine cup of Earl Grey, I can’t stop reminiscing over what a great few months it has been.

The season kicked off to a rather glam start on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos. Accepting my new role as a member of a rather fabulous bride squad more commonly known as #Roryshags pronounced Rory’s Hags NOT Rory shags! Nothing could of possibly prepared me for the hen/stag/sten/hag of the century (please delete as you see appropriate). Despite this being one of the most talked about events in my social calendar for 2018, I still found myself hyperventilating over my lack of outfits in Westfield’s a few hours before my flight…typical!

Mykonos has always been a destination on my hitlist, so excited doesn’t even sum up the feeling! Surviving on no sleep, a delayed easyjet flight and hope that the absolutely necessary glass of Sauv for the flight would give me a bit of life, we had finally reached the Greek paradise. Touching down on the island, no time was wasted as we immediately dropped our luggage at our Villa and began to explore the island by quad. In the UK, I’ll drive anywhere. Tell me to drive to Scotland and I won’t bat an eyelid, as long as I’m in charge of the AUX and you’ve provided me with a fantastic selection of my favourite snacks... I’m good. But driving abroad, on the other side of the road…no thank you! I can’t do it! However, on this occasion Rahima took one for the team and joint the bride squad convoy. I survived to tell the tale and I have absolutely no regrets! Driving to Little Venice admiring the clear blue seas, whilst taking sharp corners on cliff edges was truly unforgettable. Admiring the charming sights that Little Venice has to offer, you’ll come across the cutest fishing houses right by the waterfront which have now been converted into cafés, restaurants, bars and shops. Little Venice makes for the perfect sunset dinner location, however it’s advisable that you arrive in good time as it can become a rather busy tourist spot at that time of the day.

So you can explore by quad and foot, but we decided to up the levels slightly and rent out two boats for the day. Skipping between various bays, stopping off at a few beach clubs along the way and enjoying a little dip in the Mediterranean Sea (not me...I stick to my local leisure centre pool thank you very much!). Looking back the boat trip could easily be the highlight of my trip.

The great thing about this island is that it truly caters to everyone. If you’re a foodie and wanted to indulge in fantastic fresh Greek food by the waterfront, Little Venice will leave you spoilt for choice. The freshness of the food, the flavours…my mouth is actually watering as I type. Flashbacks of basically inhaling this Octopus dish is giving me holiday blues. For those who prefer the exclusive beach club scene, you had unlimited options. Scorpios, Paradise Beach or Cavo Paradiso dependant on what type of music you’re into. Or perhaps you wanted to party the night away next to a rather fabulous drag queen belting Rihanna’s club classics, well you could do that too (talking from personal experience). Jackie O’Bar is the spot for that!

Armed with Glitter, Inflatables and dripping in sass. Fuelled by Wine, Crisps and Tzatziki. We truly had the best few days imaginable. Whether it was losing each other on quad bikes around the island, arguing with our neighbours for throwing our private chef’s staff in the pool, after-hour drunk & disorderly night swims or dancing around in the hugest bridal skirt you have ever seen. It was fair to say the trip goes down in the books!

The Mediterranean island is ideal for the perfect girls retreat or even a little romantic getaway. If you’re travelling between May and the end of August, fantastic weather is guaranteed. I still have the awful tan lines to show for it three months later!


Scorpios Beach Club

Tropicana Beach Club


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