Getting festive in Berlin!

Berlin has always been a destination that I’ve wanted to visit. No matter how many times I would try to organise a trip it would ALWAYS fall through. After somewhat accepting defeat for a few years, my boyfriend and I managed to find a free weekend away from our hectic schedules to finally tick off a destination that we both hadn’t visited.

In terms of tourist hotspots, we successfully stuck to our itinerary and visited the famous Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, Bellevue Palace and also woke up early on Sunday morning to embark on a rather chilly stroll through the beautiful Tiergarten.

Christmas in Berlin exceeded any Christmas fairy tale that I could have possibly conjured up in my mind. With a mixture of over 60 markets jotted across the city, its literally impossible to not get swept up in the festive swing. Indulging in ridiculous amounts of Gluhwein (spiced mulled wine) and mouth-watering Bratwurst, I will admit calorie counting was clearly NOT on the agenda. But it’s fine we’re on holiday right!

Out of all the Christmas Markets that we came across, my favourite had to be Winterwelt at Potsdamer Platz. It was easily the busiest market we came across, but the atmosphere was amazing! For those of you who need a bit of an adrenaline rush, there’s even a huge Rodelbahn – A huge slide covered in ice that you can slide down in a tyre! *inserts disclaimer* I would strongly advise to do this before you drink your body weight in mulled wine. The evident equal ratio of tourists to locals truly shows the popularity of this Christmas market, I would highly recommend.

Despite leaving Berlin a good few pounds heavier and in desperate need of reinstating my gym membership, it was the perfect romantic getaway.

Danke Berlin, it was truly magical!


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