Trulli Moonlight - A Trulli unforgettable experience

This bank holiday weekend we embarked on a quick family getaway to the breathtaking city of Ostuni in Italy. In true Apulian style, our accommodation for the duration of our stay embraced the traditional architecture of a Trullo Home, just imagine white washed walls and conical shaped roofs.

Ahead of the trip, I found myself aimlessly scrolling through all of the pictures of our selected accommodation, constantly admiring how beautiful it was. But nothing could have ever possibly topped the excitement of physically seeing Trulli Moonlight in the flesh.

As we pulled into the property, hosts Nico and Maria were onsite ready to welcome us into their stunning home. Taking us on a tour around through the Moonlight House, we were all left speechless (Something that doesn’t really happen that often). The Moonlight House itself consists of three bedrooms, an outdoor Kitchen/Dining Area, and a private pool that that illuminates after hours. Lounging in the outdoor area surrounded by olive trees, topping up the tan, whilst sipping on Trulli Moonlight wine was my undeniably my idea of heaven on earth.

Nico and Maria were fantastic hosts who were always on hand and provided us with local recommendations of places to visit. I would highly recommend staying at Trulli Moonlight if you’re searching for a ‘trulli’ unforgettable Italian experience. I can guarantee that you won't regret it!

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