Ladies That Dine: B'acino

We’ve all been in that situation where you’ve managed to somehow survive the working week by the skin of your teeth. Reaching the highly anticipated 5pm on a Friday is truly a call for celebration and out of nowhere you adopt a new wave of confidence that takes over and makes you believe that you’re now able to survive a night out out despite being absolutely exhausted a few minutes prior. You wipe off your daytime make up, reapply and add some extra smokey eye because you’re basically feeling yourself! But then suddenly reality politely slaps you in the face when you realise that that process basically sucked up all of your energy and your new wave of confidence is now turning into hanger!

Over a few glasses of Kir Royale, me and the girls began to brainstorm all of our potential dining options. After a few suggestions being thrown around, we finally settled on going to an Italian Restaurant/Wine bar in Shoreditch. In my twenty seven years of being on this earth, I haven’t come across a person who doesn’t like Italian food (If you don’t enjoy Italian food, don’t @ me). It truly caters to all. Whether you’re in a carby mood or you’re attempting to take the healthy option and opt for a great salad, you just won’t be disappointed.

A few glasses down and one missed Uber booking later we finally made it to B’acino. Based in the back streets of Shoreditch you step into a rather dimly lit and cosy restaurant. On arrival a friendly waiter lead us through a door, down some stairs and I’m sat there wondering where the hell are we bloody going! To my surprise we were ushered into the cutest outdoor garden area. The floor was covered in astroturf and fairy lights twinkled overhead. The intimate outdoor area had a pretty amazing atmosphere, no matter whether you were there with friends, dining with colleagues or on an awkward date. Everyone seemed extremely relaxed and happy to be there.

Despite the hanger, there was no hesitation to pick up the wine list. Settling on a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc, it was time to look into the food! B’acino serves an array of tapas dishes, great for sharing! Between the three of us we ordered 6 sharing plates and I can honestly say it was more than enough. The dishes arrive at your table as and when they’re cooked. We ordered the Crayfish Tartare (a great choice for you Avo lovers), Calamari, Triple Cooked Potatoes, King Prawns and the ‘Naj’ Chorizo which basically gets set alight in front of your face, so I would suggest to go easy on the highly flammable hairspray. Each plate ranges from £6 - £12 and if you are not the sharing type they also have the “Hungry Bellies” menu dedicated to those who want to enjoy their own plate.

For more info and reservations click here.

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