Ladies That Dine: Pidgin, London

Pidgin is a restaurant that I manage to walk past day in, day out. Observing diners thoroughly enjoying themselves through the large open windows that allow you to gaze straight into the restaurant, you somewhat become exposed to a snippet of what to expect and suddenly have the urge to experience it in its entirety.

Rather impressed with my partners’ suggestion to have dinner here last week I was pretty excited to finally tick this off my never-ending list. The little East London treasure is an intimate restaurant that only seats twenty-eight diners, so it's perfect for a candlelit date night or a local catch up with friends! Serving a delicious tasting menu that changes every single week, Pidgin offers a stress-free homely experience where you walk in and basically eat what you are given. Obviously not in a pushy force-fed sort of way, but more like attending your bougie friend’s house for a pleasant dinner type of vibe. For those amongst us who are guilty of the occasional outburst of food envy (we have all been there!) that won’t run here! You can’t really get jealous over anyone’s plate or wish you ordered something else because everyone is enjoying the same dishes and it’s only a matter of time before you get that same plate that the lady across you is enjoying as well as trying her best to remain ladylike in front of her latest romantic interest.

On arrival we were quickly seated in what I can argue is the best seat in the house! We were rather lucky, as it wasn’t a request but down to pure luck. Opt for the window seat if you have the chance, you’re tucked away from any potentially awful weather and your basically in full view of all the trendy bendy hipsters strutting down Wilton Way. The staff are friendly, extremely attentive and talk you through every single course before you tuck in.

For those of you who are getting anxious about making any alterations to your dishes, Pidgin takes into consideration any dietary requirements that you may have and alters the dishes accordingly to suit. So if you’re a Veggie, Vegan or have a questionable allergy of some sort, I can guarantee that you will be fine.

The menu that we indulged in was as follows:

Sourdough and Bread Butter

Grilled lettuce, curried remoulade, quail egg, caper, white anchovy and duck fat fried crouton

Monkfish poached in nori and served with a pickled dulse, shiso and buckwheat gremolata, roasted fish bone sauce and salted lime dressed broccoli

A rack of lamb brushed with burnt onion oil and cooked over wood, then coated in puffed potato and served with smoked artichoke, rainbow chard and onion caper jus

Yuzu and sake granita, sake lees semifreddo, sake-macerated cherries and puffed rice

Lavender and Rose Macaron

Each dish was beautifully presented and tasted absolutely divine. By the time we had gone through the introductory dishes, I had rather high expectations for the more wholesome courses which were pleasantly met the second I tucked into the mouthwateringly good rack of lamb. Looking back, it's just a shame that you can’t recommend a dish since the menu never repeats. Overall a fantastic meal served in a truly creative but low-key setting. If you do plan on visiting be sure to book a table in advance as I previously mentioned, it is cosy!

For more information and reservations please click here.


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