After easily the most craziest year to date, I was craving a bit of international travel. I received yet another flight cancellation email and it literally pushed me over the edge. So my response was ‘f*** it’.... l’m going to fly to the only place in the world that seems somewhat open for Christmas! Staring at the travel corridor list wasn’t as fun as I had anticipated, every option that even slightly excited me was a no go! So I decided that there was no harm in going somewhere that I had visited before. Reading through the rules, I saw I only needed a negative PCR test to head to Dubai ...piece of cake!

So I booked my flights and decided to drag my mum with me. As the trip got closer, I couldn’t even get excited. Everyday the UK kept on introducing a new tier and I was just looking at my empty suitcase hoping for the best. So the night before my flight everyone is looking at me like ‘Girl… you’re not going are you?’. At this point I’ve had enough of the year, enough of EVERYTHING and I decide that I’m finally going to pack my bags, head to the airport and if the lovely check-in assistant at the Etihad desks tells me it’s a NO, then fine. But I’m going to drag myself to Heathrow airport and find out for myself!

The drive to the airport was tense! Me and my mum drove in silence the whole way! We get to the airport and I’ve arranged one of those meet and greet car parking options. The driver comes over to collect my car and I literally slip him a note and ask him to wait because I’m not sure that I’m even going to get on this flight. He’s looking at me like I’m mad, but at this point I’m convinced that my Palm Jumeirah dream is going to be crushed in a matter of minutes.

We approach the desk and the check-in assistant is lovely. She asked to see our PCR results and passports. We hand our luggage over and she gives us our boarding passes. Smoothest check in to date! I literally skip away from the desk so relieved! Rang the driver, to let him know that he can go and he’s just laughing at my panic! The relief was real!

Considering we were and are still in the middle of a global pandemic, the airport was dead! There were only a few selected shops and restaurants open. However, I still managed to successfully navigate my way to the closest bar for some celebratory bubbles to take the edge off what was a rather stressful 24 hours.

Despite how dead the airport was, the flight was actually still really busy. It’s clear that everyone had the same idea! Travelling with a mask on felt rather weird but this is the life that we live in right now!

There’s definitely been a lot of Dubai jokes over social media etc. The typical ones being ‘Every Tom, Dick and Harry is in Dubai’ and the ‘Welcome to the London Borough of Dubai’, I can convince the last one did make me laugh though. But I’ve decided that I’m not accepting any Dubai slander...as I love it over there. You are in control of shaping the experience that you have. If you choose to go to all the ‘bait’ spots then that’s completely up to you, however there is so much to see if you take the time out to explore. I went to some beautiful spots that I can’t wait to share with you. I know I’m writing this a whole month later, but I’ve been booked and busy!


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