Ladies That Dine! German Gymnasium

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve FINALLY recovered from my birthday celebrations. Usually, I would be flying out somewhere crazy, but sadly due to Covid my trip to Milan had to be put on ice. To make up for it, it was only right that I went a bit a wild…not just for one night but FOR the entire week!! As I look back, I’m literally getting hangover flashbacks just thinking about it *sighs*

So, I have a confession… I’m a woman who loves a list and over the years I’ve compiled a rather snazzy Google doc of all the restaurants and bars that I would really like to visit. Pretty high up that list sits a stunning restaurant called German Gymnasium in Kings Cross. Meeting up with one my industry mates who literally just got off a flight, I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that I was getting treated to a birthday meal in this spot that I’ve always wanted to go to.

The German Gymnasium is located just in between St Pancras and Kings Cross station, you can’t miss it. It offers an all-day Grand Café, a beautiful restaurant on the first floor, two bars and an outdoor terrace (perfect for the when the weather is decent).

So, on arrival you get your temperature checked (Covid problems) and then you’ll be directed to your table for your stay. I can honestly say that the service was absolutely amazing from start to finish. Drinks were flowing, the staff banter was ten out of ten, Coffee Patron shots were coming out left, right and centre…It was ridiculous! As always, I love to get a good cocktail recommendation. Being a bit of a Rum fan, I was directed to the ‘Tropical Retreat’ which is a blend of rums, Sloe Gin, Cacao Liquor, Coconut, Spices, Lime and Cranberry Juice. It was out of this world and stirred to perfection. The waiter’s second recommendation was a ‘Zombie’. As the word came out of his mouth, I had to pause. In my time I’ve had some awful nights and most of those nights were due to consuming rather large pitchers of Zombie. However, this was my birthday week, so anything goes!!

After indulging in a few too many drinks, it was only right to move downstairs to the lovely restaurant to have a bite to eat. You can expect a Mittel-European inspired menu, so if you’re a fan of German hot dogs, sausages, schnitzels etc. you will be spoilt for choice. I ended up going for Jager Schnitzel covered in mushroom sauce. As a Mushroom lover, I was on cloud nine!

If you’re thinking of having a little date night or a chilled dinner with friends, I would highly recommend the German Gymnasium. It’s got a rather sexy but sophisticated ambience to it and the location is ideal for anyone to get to. I know I’ll definitely be back sometime in the near future.

That’s another restaurant ticked off my forever growing Google doc!


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