Ladies That Brunch: De Tuin Restaurant, Rotterdam

If you’re in need of a bit of escapism, trade Rotterdam’s city atmosphere for breathtakingly green landscapes that do not need the aid of a Ludwig Instagram filter to make them look attractive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for embracing the hustle and bustle that the centre of Rotterdam has to offer, but stepping away from all I knew allowed me to find this pleasantly surprising gem.

De Tuin is based in Kralingen. It’s a nearby neighbourhood approximately 30 minutes away from the city centre that flaunts undeniable chicness, Desperate Housewives Wisteria Lane sort of vibes, picturesque lakes and OBVIOUSLY high levels of extreme pup envy! Following the route around Kralingen Plas (the local lake), you’ll find De Tuin Restaurant tucked cosily between two windmills.

If the weather is looking good, be sure to request an outdoor table you don’t want to be cooped up inside when you could potentially be sitting on the edge of lake with your Ray Bans on people watching and taking in the beautiful sites around you. Speaking to one of the restaurant staff on the way to the Ladies, I was impressed at the fact that De Tuin is the perfect location come rain or shine, apparently when it snows everyone goes skating on the lake! Personally, I wouldn’t take part, let’s just say I have enough horror stories and injuries to last a lifetime… but I would happily watch on!

Food-wise the restaurant offers the typical family favourites, delicious sandwiches, mouth-watering burgers and colourful salads. I literally inhaled the highly recommended De Tuin Burger and still managed to get food envy over my partner’s Lamb Ciabatta! That’s when you know the food was good. Paired with a nice crisp glass of Sauv and a Beer I was truly at my happiest. The beautiful neighbourhood of Kralingen and De Tuin Restaurant will both be seeing me again at some point, I'm convinced there is plenty more to see!


#rotterdam #travel #dining

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