Making Memories with Ady Suleiman, Live at KOKO

Introduced to the work of Ady Suleiman only a mere few weeks ago, I was excited to hear that he was performing at Camden’s very own KOKO and knew that there was no way on this earth that I would want to miss this opportunity to see him live. Dancing and singing along to his recently released album Memories in the comfort of MCM’s living room or in the car, was escalated to new levels as we were not just dancing along to Spotify, but now literally hand in hand singing with him! (I’d like to think of myself as an integral part of the backup vocals…Ady if you see this I have the greatest harmonies and a few additional ad libs…just saying!)

Selling out the venue to 1500 fans passionately singing every track word for word was somewhat captivating, especially considering how new the album is. I feel like this truly reflects Ady Suleiman's talent and ability to connect with his audience by speaking his mind and discussing his very own personal trials and tribulations that we can all relate to. Whether that maybe waiting for your soulmate to somersault into your life or perhaps not expressing how much you truly cared for someone and now they're no longer around. I can guarantee that hi tracks will transport you back to a place that will make you think "I remember being in that exact position".

Trying to relive the experience through footage on my phone, there was no doubt that the show oozed soul and raw emotion, that made the hairs on my arms stand up. One thing that particularly added more emotions to what we can already call an emotional journey was the support that Ady has behind him, not only are his fans backing him 100%. But so is his family. Not many people on this earth can get away with saying that their dad was their DJ whilst touring the UK! Seriously, you can just see how proud his dad was watching his son perform to an absolutely packed out venue. Literally grinning ear to ear, it was beautiful to watch.

Ady Suleiman is without a doubt someone to watch, I’m honoured to have seen him perform in an intimate setting as I know in a matter of time, he’ll be taking on the bigger stages. His album is available to purchase and download on all major platforms.

#koko #music #adysuleiman

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