The Pefect Sunset - Scorpios, Mykonos

Heyne and Hertel strike again! After the well-known nightclub owners successfully transformed Paradise Club, a new challenge was well and truly on the horizon for the pair. The vision was to create a special place that incorporated their very own five pillars: Food, Healing, Design, Art and Music and they managed to successfully turn a bare piece of land into what I can only call a Grecian paradise.

Ahead of my trip to Mykonos, I was quickly made aware that heading to Scorpios was absolutely necessary! Whether you’re planning to relax, dine or go “OUT OUT”, Scorpios caters to all three. Seriously if you didn’t go to Scorpios, did you even go to Mykonos?

Whenever I get the chance to travel, I always try to go above and beyond to capture a sunset where possible. There is nothing I find more calming than finding a cute spot to watch the allure of warm colours grace the sky. So you can only imagine the moment where I discovered that our itinerary consisted of catching the sunset at this hotspot. I was convinced that this was about to become one of the major highlights of the trip and I’m glad to say it truly was. Scoprios, take this sunset business seriously. They actually host a sundown ceremony… yes you read correctly! A ceremony! This is not a drill, this is real life! Try to imagine Burning Man festival on a smaller scale and you’ll get the jist.

Sitting on cinema like seating on this bohemian cliff top, surrounded by great company, rum cocktails, the lingering smell of incense and bonfire is easily a memory I’ll never forget. A DJ in the background playing the most chilled soulful house just added to the atmosphere.

Would I recommend Scorpios? Hell yes! It would be an absolute shame to go all the way to Mykonos and not experience the serene Scorpios experience.

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