The Warm Up

The warm up is the part we all secretly hate, the part where we assume we know it all. Easily skipped if we arrive at a session late, not catching up I was setting myself up to fall.

“Preparation is key” they said, fast forwarding was no longer an option. Time needed to be invested to become the best version of me, because if I couldn’t love myself I couldn’t love no one.

This section was full of exercises that needed to be worked on, my form far was from perfect. As soon as I let myself accept this, I no longer tried to polish only what could be visibly seen on the surface.

Most times we want to skip the warm up in our journey. Yet its so integral to the stages that follow. The mistakes become lessons learnt and all of a sudden you are able to let go of the heartbreak and sorrow.

Each failed attempt made me stronger, I see this now that the warm up has been perfected. It all began to come together, Insecurities and struggles I’m no longer affected.

Counting down those last few seconds, the segment draws to a close. Relaxed, care-free, beaming with

an open heart, I’m finally motivated to reach my goals.

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